Current Research

Current Research

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Research title: Comanche dress in the twentieth century

The purpose of the study is to create a dress history of the Comanche Nation for the twentieth century and understand how Comanche tribal members dressed themselves and viewed themselves.

I am looking for participants who were born before January 1, 1982 (so 36 years and older) and who identify as Comanche and are enrolled members of the tribe. If you know someone who is not an enrolled member but identifies as Comanche and is either the child of an enrolled member, or the adopted relative AND participates regularly in the community they are also welcome to participate in the study.

For the study, participants will be asked to 1) find and share photographs of themselves taken before 2000 (up to 1 hour) 2) Complete an oral history focusing on their dress and fashion before 2000 that will be video and audio recorded (up to 3 hours) 3) Participate in follow-up interviews (up to 2 hours).

Oral histories can be conducted it can be conducted either in person, or over a video calling application, such as Skype or Zoom and be conducted over multiple sessions.

The oral histories and dress history will be made available online as a public archive for the Comanche Nation

If you know someone who qualifies and you think they might be interested, please have them email or call me at or 301-655-1700. If you qualify and are also interested in participating, please email or call me as well! All information will remain confidential during the screening process.